Cónsul de El Salvador en Boston defiende campaña antipandillas del Presidente Bukele

NEW BEDFORD — The Consul General of El Salvador in Boston, Abelino Chicas, defended the actions of the government of President Nayib Bukele, who has been carrying out an offensive against local gangs with a balance of more than 30,000 detainees in 50 days of emergency regime.

The diplomat said that both the judicial system and the police and military respect human rights and that each arrest they make is based on a system of evidence.

“The line of investigation of the police and the prosecution does not go through capturing any person who passes by on the street, but through an investigation where their criminal actions are known,” said Chicas.

The consul made these remarks after heading a “mobile consulate” in New Bedford. They assisted more than 50 compatriots in procedures such as passport renewal, delivery of the Unique Identity Document, certification, and legal advice.

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President Bukele’s government is currently facing criticism for the mass arrests of people accused of belonging to gangs and because it has been accused of negotiating with the same gangs before the tragic weekend of March 25-27, when 87 people were killed in less than 72 hours.

Local media such as “El Faro” published that this massacre would have been because the government would not have respected an agreement with the gangs.

Editor’s note: Gerardo Beltrán Salinas is a Chilean journalist currently living in the New Bedford area. He produces video and news stories on topics of interest to the region’s Spanish-speaking community.

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