Mayor Jon Mitchell speaks at opening for South Public Safety Center.

City Council ward races present a test of loyalties

In Ward 1 and Ward 6, the incumbents have been among Mayor Jon Mitchell’s most reliable supporters. And both challengers sound like members of the minority opposition led by councilors Linda Morad and Brian Gomes.

Oct. 26, 2021


New Bedford’s municipal elections just one week away

There are contested races for assessor at large, City Council at Large and City Council races in Ward 1, Ward 5 and Ward 6.

Oct. 25, 2021


Visit our Election page to read candidate profiles.

City Council at Large
Ian Abreu
Shane Burgo
Naomi Carney
Paul Chasse
Brian Gomes
Jason Mello
Linda Morad
Scott Pemberton
David Sullivan
Lisa White

Assessor at Large
Kimberly Saunders
Erik Andrade

Ward 1
Leo Choquette
William “Brad” Markey

Ward 2
Maria Giesta (unopposed)

Ward 3
Hugh Dunn (unopposed)

Ward 4
Derek Baptiste (unopposed)

Ward 5
Zach Boyer
Scott Lima

Ward 6
Joseph P. Lopes
Ryan Pereira

School Committee
Melissa Costa
Colleen Dawicki
Ross M. Grace Jr.

Note: Candidate profiles were compiled from questionnaires emailed to all candidates for office. Those who did not return questionnaires were not included. 


DON’T MISS: Quinn Sullivan, Casa do Galo, Slaughter at The Vault, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Halloween party

It’s a week of music and more Halloween vibes, not to mention a live shadow cast to be performed as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” rolls on the big screen at the Zeiterion.

Oct. 24, 2021
COVID-19 WARNING: While we continue to list New Bedford’s array of cultural offerings, readers are advised to heed the latest public health recommendations.


In redistricting battle, it’s every pol for the incumbents

Late Thursday the House passed a plan that creates a minority-majority district in New Bedford but keeps three suburban legislators representing small parts of the city’s far North End.

Oct. 21, 2021


State restores New Bedford vaccine clinics

“This week, mobile vaccination clinics will continue, as scheduled, Tuesday through Friday,” a state spokesperson wrote in an email to The New Bedford Light.

Oct. 20, 2021


New Bedford police unveil new policy for labeling gang members

Now, those who are labeled as being gang affiliated will be notified by certified mail and given 14 days to respond to a request to meet with the personnel who approved and verified the information.

Oct. 20, 2021

How would you rate New Bedford’s efforts at police reform? Grade the NBPD with an A to F, and explain your reasoning. Use our online comment form or send an email to We’ll publish select comments in Community Voices.

What happened to New Bedford police reform? Not a lot … yet.

More than a year after Black Lives Matter protests against police violence, anti-racism activists say change has been minimal.

Oct. 18, 2021


New Bedford mayor notes city’s progress, despite pandemic

“New Bedford is about to enter an important period. The opportunities knocking on our door are more promising than those the city has had perhaps at any point in the last century.”

Oct. 21, 2021

Latest COVID numbers for New Bedford, Bristol County

There were 355 new COVID-19 cases reported in New Bedford during the week ending Wednesday, Oct. 20, up slightly from 318 new cases the week before.

Updated Oct. 21, 2021

Where to get vaccinated in New Bedford, with no appointment needed

Updated Oct. 21, 2021


Alma del Mar Charter Schools making the grade

By January, Alma will have built two entirely new school buildings, its original Ottiwell campus on Belleville Avenue and a second $24 million Douglass campus on Church Street.

Right-leaning voices ring out at New Bedford debate

You really would not have been surprised if former President Trump had made an appearance shouting, “Make New Bedford Great Again!” and candidates at the council table all started banging their fists and shouting, “Four more years!”

New Bedford loses yet another grand old church

St. Joseph-St. Therese’s may join four other impressive but nearly impossible to reuse church buildings — St. John the Baptist, St. Kilian, St. Ann, and Trinity Methodist.

In Depth: WIND

America’s would-be first wind farm

In Episode 2 of the “Windfall” podcast, New Hampshire Public Radio looks at how Cape Wind’s failure laid the groundwork for the industry’s explosive growth today.

Angling to become the wind capital of America

What does New Bedford stand to gain from the nation’s coming offshore wind boom? In Episode 4 of the “Windfall” podcast, New Hampshire Public Radio looks at big promises coming from industry leaders.

Alternative energy goes corporate

Is the environmental movement ready to welcome Big Oil and devoted capitalists into its ranks? At what cost? Episode 5 of New Hampshire Public Radio’s “Windfall” podcast explores.


City’s housing market is red-hot

Residential home prices in New Bedford are surging as supply remains low — and local buyers are finding it hard to compete.

What you get for your housing dollar

“New Bedford has always had a lot of value. There are a lot of opportunities …” says Stephen Medeiros, president of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors.



As the city emerges from the long siege of COVID-19, we pause to take stock of what – and whom – we’ve lost. Please help build this community memorial by adding a tribute to your loved one.

June 4, 2021

In Depth: COVID-19


‘They don’t have to die’

Nurses in New Bedford are not just exhausted — they are  frustrated by the low vaccination rate and the knowledge that serious illnesses and deaths are now preventable.

Sept. 7, 2021

New Bedford’s social clubs feel pain of pandemic

In the past year, some social clubs in New Bedford have closed their doors, perhaps even permanently. The Young Cape Verdean Athletic Association and the Elks Lodge have listed their properties for sale.

Essay: Remembering Kevin, Megan and Hank

Kevin Harrington and Megan Tench died alone and unexpectedly. Hank Seaman spent months of his last year in isolation from his friends and loved ones.



New Bedford schools will receive upwards of $73 million in one-time federal relief funds aimed at safely reopening schools and addressing the needs of students affected by the pandemic.


Essay: Texas abortion law an assault on democracy

This Supreme Court, rather than allowing the law to go through the course of legal challenges, chose to uphold the Texas law as it currently stands, shattering a precedent that has been the law of the land for the past 48 years.

Essay: A father who simply could not be silent

Eric Lindell knew nothing about what it meant to be Black in America, but he did know what it was like to be poor, to live in a broken home, to endure the silence of long unspoken trauma and to know something of what it meant to live in a world of other people’s ideas…


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