Offshore wind

Public comment and informational events

Governors say rising costs threaten offshore wind

“Without federal action, offshore wind deployment in the U.S. is at serious risk of stalling because States’ ratepayers may be unable to absorb these significant new costs alone.” — Letter from six governors, including Maura Healey

First assembled turbine parts leave New Bedford for Vineyard Wind site

“It may look easy, but the safe transportation of these components miles over the open water is no small feat. While we’ve had many firsts, once this turbine is installed, it will stand as a proud symbol of [America’s] energy transition.” — Vineyard Wind CEO Moeller

‘Enforcer’ patrols wind farms to protect jobs – but for whom?

“It’s about closing the loopholes that allow foreign nationals to undercut American industry in our own country.” — Aaron Smith, president of Offshore Marine Services Association, a Louisiana-based trade group that charters the Jones Act Enforcer.

Developers touted local jobs in offshore energy — are they delivering?

The majority of Vineyard Wind’s contracts have not gone to companies in New Bedford, the Southeastern Massachusetts region, or even within the U.S. Only 4% of the value of Vineyard Wind’s subcontracts were awarded to companies in Southeastern Massachusetts, according to a study.

State energy department supports scrapping wind contract

“DOER recognizes the significant inflationary pressures and supply-chain issues facing projects like Commonwealth Wind and is committed to the development of a robust offshore wind industry in the region.” — DOER legal counsel Colin Carroll.

SouthCoast Wind also wants to terminate offshore wind contract

The company is effectively turning to the same playbook that another major wind developer, Commonwealth Wind, deployed after concluding that its own 1,200 megawatt installation “cannot be financed and built” under existing contract terms.

Windfall podcast

The birth of a new American industry

In Episode 1 of the “Windfall” podcast, New Hampshire Public Radio examines the potential for wind power to reshape our energy future.

America’s would-be first wind farm

In Episode 2 of the “Windfall” podcast, New Hampshire Public Radio looks at how Cape Wind’s failure laid the groundwork for the industry’s explosive growth today.

Angling to become the wind capital of America

What does New Bedford stand to gain from the nation’s coming offshore wind boom? In Episode 4 of the “Windfall” podcast, New Hampshire Public Radio looks at big promises coming from industry leaders.

Alternative energy goes corporate

Is the environmental movement ready to welcome Big Oil and devoted capitalists into its ranks? At what cost? Episode 5 of New Hampshire Public Radio’s “Windfall” podcast explores.

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