Who are we?

The New Bedford Light is a free, nonprofit, nonpartisan digital news outlet dedicated to community-based coverage of important local issues — health and safety, education, environment, economy, arts and culture, government and politics, and social justice.

What is our mission?

We seek to inform and nourish the civic culture of New Bedford and surrounding towns by providing in-depth, fact-based journalism and a broad platform for diverse community voices. Through our innovative Journalism Incubator Project we promote media literacy and educate the public about the vital role of a free press in bolstering our democracy.

What are our values?

We are dedicated to listening and responding to the needs of all members of our community, particularly those marginalized by traditional media outlets. We believe that equity and inclusion are fundamental to journalism that provides context, insight and potential solutions. We are fiercely independent; we pursue truth without fear or favor.

Who owns us?

The New Bedford Light is an IRS-determined 501(c)(3) Public Charity; all gifts are tax-deductible. Our EIN number is 86-2407296. We are incorporated under the laws of Massachusetts.

How are we funded?

Our professional journalism is free to the public, but it is not free to produce. We are developing a variety of revenue streams – individual contributions, foundation grants, sponsorships, underwriting and partnerships with other local media outlets. We are not dependent on traditional newspaper advertising, which has dramatically declined in recent years and left many legacy news outlets struggling to survive.

Who decides what to publish?

Our editors decide what stories to cover and what to publish. Funders do not influence our coverage. They understand that independent journalism is essential to our civic mission, and to building public trust. We are committed to transparency; we will regularly publish our tax forms, our ethics policy and a list of our donors.

How can I support The New Bedford Light?

We welcome financial contributions, underwriting, partnerships, story ideas and news tips. We look forward to broad participation in our Journalism Incubator Project, and creative collaborations with community groups and individuals who share our commitment to public service journalism.

Thanks to our supporters

We have a long way to go, but we wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Literally hundreds of people have contributed ideas, money, in-kind professional services — and above all, inspiration — to the cause of nonprofit, nonpartisan public service journalism. We are deeply grateful.

How do I contact The New Bedford Light?

Email us at info@newbedfordlight.org.


Do you have a good idea for a story? What are the biggest issues facing your family, your neighborhood, your city? Please tell us, and include your name, address, and phone number. We will keep all of your information confidential. Contact us at tips@newbedfordlight.org.


If you’d like to write an opinion piece or first-person essay for publication, please let us know. We’re also open to artwork, poetry, music videos, audio clips and other nontraditional forms of expression. Please provide name, address, phone number and short pitch here: 


We want to know everything going on at the many arts and culture institutions in our city, as well as every opportunity for citizens to be active in neighborhood and civic life. We also want to embrace the “edges” of what makes our local culture so rich — galleries, studios, clubs, small restaurants and more: calendar@newbedfordlight.org.