Candidate at a glance

Has lived in New Bedford for 33 years
Textile company sales rep for the last 35 years 
New Bedford Firefighters Local 841

William ‘Brad’ Markey

Tell us briefly about your qualifications and why you are running.

I have been the Ward 1 City Councilor for the last four years, serving as chairman of the Airport Committee and the last two years as chairman of City Property. I have gained experience in the workings of city government and built relationships with the departments that are needed to get things done on a city level — most importantly, getting what needs to be done for the residents of Ward 1. The reason I ran four years ago was to give back to the community and help make a difference, and I continue to feel that way. It has been an honor to serve the people of New Bedford and Ward 1.

Amid rising home prices and escalating monthly rents, what can New Bedford do to ensure there is enough affordable housing for those who want to continue living in the city?

As the economy rebounds, so do housing prices, which increase home values. This also causes rents to rise. The city can look at ways to create affordable housing by looking at property in the city that can be converted into affordable housing. We should look for developers to partner with to convert existing vacant properties into housing. The city has buildings that should be evaluated to see if they would be suitable to convert into affordable housing.  As chairman of City Property, I would work with the administration with properties the city has available that would benefit the residents as well as putting these properties on the tax roll.

Police and fire departments recently shifted staff and consolidated operations in a new public safety station in the city’s South End. Is there still adequate public safety across the city? How will you work to keep the neighborhoods safe?

The public safety station in the South End is a long-overdue investment in our public safety, the newest building in many decades. This has added the latest technology and combined our public safety departments to ensure the highest standards needed for the residents. We need to make sure our public safety departments have the tools needed to do the job to keep all of our residents safe. As a city councilor working with my colleagues, we have done just that. A similar public safety station built in the North End should be part of the forward thinking as well.

New Bedford has a higher rate of COVID-19 than the state average, along with a lower vaccination rate. Are you in favor of mandatory vaccines or testing for municipal employees as announced by Mayor Jon Mitchell? If not, what would you do to make New Bedford residents safer?

The Covid -19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our health systems and the economy, and we need to do everything we can to get back to normal. I do agree with the mayor that employees be vaccinated or be tested on a regular basis. I have been vaccinated as well as my family. To me this is an unprecedented time, and I feel it is critical for those who interact with people to be vaccinated in order to protect themselves, protect their co-workers, protect their families, and protect the public they deal with.        


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