New Bedford 2021 Election


Click names written in black to read that candidate’s profile.

City Council at Large
Ian Abreu
Shane Burgo
Naomi Carney
Paul Chasse
Brian Gomes
Jason Mello
Linda Morad
Scott Pemberton
David Sullivan
Lisa White

Assessor at Large
Kimberly Saunders
Erik Andrade

Ward 1
Leo Choquette
William “Brad” Markey

Ward 2
Maria Giesta (unopposed)

Ward 3
Hugh Dunn (unopposed)

Ward 4
Derek Baptiste (unopposed)

Ward 5
Zach Boyer
Scott Lima

Ward 6
Joseph P. Lopes
Ryan Pereira

School Committee
Melissa Costa
Colleen Dawicki
Ross M. Grace Jr.

Note: Candidate profiles were compiled from questionnaires emailed to all candidates for office. Those who did not return questionnaires were not included. 

Right-leaning voices ring out at New Bedford debate

You really would not have been surprised if former President Trump had made an appearance shouting, “Make New Bedford Great Again!” and candidates at the council table all started banging their fists and shouting, “Four more years!”

City councilor on OUI rap: ‘They have nothing on me’ 

Councilor Dunn was mostly dismissive of the charges filed against him. He cited it as “all politics,” and a “hit job.” He said the DA was “coming after me” and “trying to prove something.”

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