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They say a challenger can’t take out a South Coast incumbent legislator.

But third-term state Rep. Chris Hendricks did just that in 2018 when he defeated 30-year incumbent Bob Koczera in the 11th Bristol District.

Hendricks, 39, is among the most progressive members of the South Coast delegation. His district, which was originally split between the North End and the town of Acushnet, was redistricted as a result of the 2020 federal Census.

This year, for the first time, Hendricks represents a new 11th that no longer includes Acushnet, but which now includes the near North End and downtown New Bedford. It is the city’s first minority-majority district.

Jack Spillane spoke with Hendricks about work on behalf of the district in Boston and learned about his priorities as he represents some of the lowest-income neighborhoods in the central part of the city.


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