It’s the issue that has grabbed New Bedford’s attention this summer.

Last week, the Licensing Board, at the prompting of Mayor Jon Mitchell, voted 3-0 to ban the sale of nips in New Bedford. The city follows nearby Fairhaven in its ban, as well as four other Massachusetts communities.

Proponents say the nip ban is necessary because they are difficult to recycle, and lead to discarded plastic bottles all over the place, not to mention encouraging alcoholism and drunk driving. Watch Mary Nicholson of Be the Solution to Pollution and Lynn Coish of Operation Clean Sweep discussed their support of the nip ban in Part 1:

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Opponents say adults have a right to consume their legal alcohol of choice and that the ban will unfairly damage local businesses. They are asking for the public to be given a chance to weigh in on the issue and talking about legal challenges. Mark Riley of Freitas Package Store in New Bedford and Councilor-at-large Ian Abreu discussed alternatives to the ban in Part 2:

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