Local Democratic City and Town Committee members, along with friends and family members have raised $2,500 to help out the Ukrainian people.

Under the leadership of President Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian people have maintained a valiant defense of their country in their struggle to maintain their democracy. And in that struggle, they have received help from nations around the world.

After Democratic committee members reached the goal $2,500 on Friday, a check for the amount was sent to the International Rescue Committee to help the Ukrainian people. It’s time for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to end his genocidal war against the Ukrainian people. It’s time he removes his troops from Ukraine and stops killing innocent Ukrainians.

To learn more about efforts to support the Ukrainian people, contact Richard Drolet, chair of the New Bedford Democratic City Committee at 508-375-5331 or email Branch18NALC@Yahoo.com.

— Richard Drolet, chairperson/NBDCC

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