With rising COVID-19 cases and low vaccination rates around the  city, New Bedford will require municipal employees to receive vaccinations or undergo regular testing to slow the virus’ spread. And when students head back to school next month, they will be required to wear protective face masks.

How do you feel about mandatory vaccines and mask requirements? Is the city going too far or should it be doing more?

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Yes to masks … but not mandatory vaccines

As much as I think mandatory vaccines would flatten the curve, I don’t think it is the right thing to do. Absolutely reinstate mandatory masks while indoors. I am fully vaccinated and will gladly wear a mask to protect those who are ineligible to be vaccinated. It’s about the greater good, not personal or political.

— Kelly Haggerty, New Bedford

Unvaccinated prolonging pandemic, stressing health system

Those who refuse to get vaccinated are dragging out the pandemic and stressing our healthcare resources unnecessarily. When mask mandates are implemented again they will have no one to blame but themselves and those of us who acted responsibly by getting vaccinated will blame them, too.

— Michele Perryman, New Bedford


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