The next time you drive down Route 18 in New Bedford, you’re likely to notice something looks different. The enormous smokestack on the old Eversource property is gone.

The 80-foot monster that hovered over the waterfront for an eternity was brought down Friday to make way for the future wind industry.

The demolition was scheduled for 9 a.m. and happened about 15 minutes early, taking just a matter of seconds to come down. The takedown, originally scheduled for mid-December and postponed because of insurance issues, disrupted traffic Friday but otherwise went off smoothly.

The City of New Bedford shared the following footage from Friday morning.

And M.L. Baron of shared his footage as well.

Andrew Saunders and a group of investors purchased the 30-acre waterfront facility in March for $13.6 million from utility companies Eversource and Sprague Energy. It was formerly known as the Cannon Street Power Station. Saunders and the investors say the facility is being cleared, except for a few small buildings, to host a staging area for the coming offshore wind industry. 

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