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Can you name one of the authors of The Federalist Papers? Or the year in which the U.S. Constitution was written? What about who was president during World War I? If you answered incorrectly, you fail the naturalization test to become an American citizen.

Nearly 1 million immigrants passed the test last year, having to answer at least six of 10 randomly chosen questions from a pool of 100. The topics are American history, civics and government.

Inspired by her video story on the process immigrants go through to become new Americans, multimedia reporter Eleonora Bianchi set out to find out if the general public could answer the questions posed to someone seeking citizenship.

In this edition of We Asked, You Answered: Can you pass the U.S. citizenship test?

Are you disappointed Eleonora didn’t find you for this video? Take the test below to see if you could pass the test!

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