New Bedford Light columnist Jack Spillane reacted to a 221-page report The Light obtained via public records requests on WBSM’s Townsquare Sunday with Jim Phillips. The report was written by an outside attorney who investigated complaints from three women last fall and concluded Sgt. Samuel Ortega violated the city’s anti-harassment policy on two allegations.

They also discussed the state’s funding system for building new schools and whether there’s equity when it comes to urban communities compared to the suburbs, the state of Dias Field, and the upcoming mayoral election.


The Light on Radio: Jack Spillane updates the ongoing Star Store debacle

The New Bedford Light columnist Jack Spillane has been digging deep into the abrupt closure of UMass Dartmouth’s College of Visual and Performing Arts Star Store campus, and he dropped in for a chat with WBSM’s Jim Phillips on Townsquare Sunday to discuss what he learned from recent public records requests. They also discuss a…