He made sure his staff got fired for not being vaccinated! But he can commit a violent act against another person and still keep his job with pay. The email that went out to South Coast health employees stated the company was standing behind him, But the company won’t stand behind their unvaccinated employees. What a joke that company is from the top down.

Nick Wordell via Facebook

Domestic Violence, Illegal ammunition and a question of alcohol involved in the incident are more than personal issues, they are public health issues. If Southcoast Health Board, an organization that is committed to the public health of our area truly sees them as personal issues, they should provide him leave to address those personal issues.

Jorie Borden via Facebook

“assault and battery and possession of illegal firearm magazines…over 40 firearms… ranged from pistols to semi-automatic rifles…75,000 to 80,000 rounds of ammunition,” but he’s only a “collector of firearms and that some are just for display, not for use…bail was set at $240 and he was released”… Sure, sounds perfectly normal <note of sarcasm>

Jane Vieira via Facebook

He should be fired. Others at the hospital have been fired for less.

Marie Tighe via Facebook

Only on the Southcoast (quote: if it had palm trees it would be a 3rd world nation) would a board be made up of only local sycophants who wouldn’t have already met and put him on a leave of absence.

David Oliveira via Facebook

Standard precaution aka 209A Abuse Prevention Order was issued by a judge. Sad that the board is calling this a “personal” matter. Liquor with guns and abuse ……but the safety of the hospitals, staff, patients, and visitors is not compromised 

Deidre Ramos via Facebook

Holy moly. “Hovan’s bail was set at $240” Holy crap.

@CinnamonMelody2 via Twitter

It’s like there are two different court systems

@nottooSaucie via Twitter

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