Is it Nancy Pelosi’s gender, political affiliation or commitment to civil rights, the working class, the elderly, Medicare, universal health insurance, a clean and sustainable environment, quality education, workers’ compensation and a host of other benefits provided to enrich and enhance the lives of all Americans that has inflamed such hatred?

Donald Trump, who is adored and lionized by so many Americans, has only benefited himself, his family, select cronies and politicians who have adopted the lies, myths and divisive rhetoric that spews forth from him without cessation from the day he came down the escalator and realized he could ride to the presidency on hate and manufactured grievances.

The more incontrovertible evidence that is presented regarding his illegal, self-serving and allegedly treasonous behavior prior to, and after, his ascendancy to the presidency, the angrier, more hostile and threatening his supporters become.

Donald Trump lives in the moment and continually thirsts for attention and the spotlight and any manner to increase his assets.

A person who does not care about or aspire to a favorable legacy can be the greatest threat to the present order. And Trump, not conversant or respectful of history, clearly has no concern for his progeny, his supporters and anyone other than himself.

If the majority of voters who recognized the harm a second Trump presidency posed do not come out and support the candidates in the coming election, then the trajectory to autocracy or a civil war is almost inevitable. 

Betty Ussach is a Dartmouth resident