Mandatory mask policy would save lives

With COVID rates climbing in our area and Christmas/New Year celebrations less than a week away, city and surrounding town officials need to order mandatory mask wearing in all public buildings.

Our area has a high percentage of seniors, as well as individuals of all ages with health issues that predispose them to COVID (and especially Omicron), whether they are vaccinated or not. 

We all wore masks at the beginning of the pandemic to protect ourselves and others. Inconvenient: Yes. Lifesaving: Absolutely!

Please call your city/town authorities and advocate for a mandatory mask order NOW.

— Bev Baccelli, Mattapoisett

Constituent services key to success in elected office

In response to Jack Spillane’s column about Ward 6 City Councilor-elect Ryan Pereira and his goal of providing high-level constituent services.

“Constituent services are essentially the most important function of locally elected office. Glad the new City Council generation recognizes that so eagerly!”

— Zach Boyer, former Ward 5 City Council Candidate/Facebook

Immigrant workers who pay taxes should receive help

In response to the report about undocumented immigrants working in New Bedford’s seafood industry, published in partnership with the Marshall Project and El Pais. The report noted that despite being deemed essential workers and paying taxes, the immigrant workers were denied pandemic-related aid.

“In my opinion, the immigrants in New Bedford are essential; without them we have seen a dramatic drop in home health care and other services that a typical American worker will not do. That fire was horrific as well as watching the fish house raid out my window.

If they’re already paying taxes from their earnings, then I think they need anything the federal government gives to other low income people … many who choose not to work or who if they work will lose their benefits. What a shame to find that these immigrants are afraid of asking for help. We need to do better I think.
Thank you for bringing their situation to light New Bedford Light!”

— Laurie Lonardo Maynard of New Bedford / Facebook

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