That the New Bedford Police Department is reaching out to the growing Central American immigrant community in a meaningful way demonstrates that real progress is finally being made.

After years of good intentions with little results, it is encouraging to see that the department recognizes that it works to everyone’s benefit to build trust between them and the (mostly Mayan) Spanish-speaking community.

The story, by Eleanora Bianchi, coupled with Jack Spillane’s informative coverage of Question 4 that highlights law enforcement support, is responsible journalism that embodies The Light’s mission.

Dawn Blake Souza is a retired educator and New Bedford Public Schools principal

Anthony Amore the smart choice for state auditor

I’m writing in support of Anthony Amore for state auditor. Voters should turn their attention towards a race that usually doesn’t get too many eyes on it but will have huge implications for the future of our state government.

With Gov. Charlie Baker leaving office, we face the potential of a single party holding the entire control of state government. Regardless of your political affiliation, it’s easy to recognize the harm in that. Before Baker was elected, the one-party rule made our government inept and inefficient. The underfunded South Coast Rail plan, the Department of Children and Families, the crash of the state’s healthcare portal — all disasters. I’m not ready to go back to that, which is why I’d be much more comfortable with a moderate Republican like Anthony Amore as the fiscal watchdog.

He is the only candidate who can continue maintaining checks and balances in Massachusetts, which is why he is the only statewide candidate endorsed by Gov. Baker.

The smart choice this year is Anthony Amore for Auditor.

Nancy Stanton-Cross is a Westport resident

Nov. 8: ‘Vote as if your life depends upon it’

I urge you to vote Nov. 8 either at the polls or by mailing in your ballot. Vote as if your life depends upon it because it does. Even the”softer” Republicans like Jeffery Swift in Mattapoisett swear their allegiance to a Republican party that tried to destroy our democracy on Jan. 6, that restricts voting and women’s right to choose, and if elected pledges to gut social security and medicare, turning our seniors into enslaved dependents on their loved ones. Vote Nov. 8 to defend the human values our ancestors fought and died for. The Republican friends of Butcher Putin  are the enemy of all Americans!

George Kontanis is a Dartmouth resident