An architect rendering of the future theater at Zeiterion Performing Arts Center. Credit: Wilson Butler Architects as provided by the Zeiterion

Reaction to correspondent Joanna McQuillan Weeks’ peek inside the $31 million restoration of the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center was mostly positive.

“Can’t wait to see when it’s done,” one Facebook commenter said.

Others were wondering why the Orpheum Theatre couldn’t be helped, or why the money wasn’t being used on “stuff in the city that’s truly broken,” like the homeless situation.

Here’s a sampling of what you had to say:

“Congratulations! That’s exciting news. (I do hope that includes replacing those seats.)”

— Paul Langston-Daley

“The public will pay deeply for it in the future …”

— Donna Medeiros

“I was just thinking of how much architectural history/beauty will be lost with this renovation to bring it “to the future” Also was thinking how much it will cost people to actually use the space now. Hoping this stays an affordable place for New Bedford residents and not a tourist priced spot.”

— Karina Briggs

“This should have been done to the Orpheum Theatre years ago as an historic site.”

— Lorraine Souza

“The Orpheum Theatre is bigger and better. Historically opened the day the Titanic floundered. Can we have two spectacular places?”

— Roger Seguin

“Wonderful news!”

— Una Boulay

“Money well spent. Something we all need in the digital age we live in today.”

— Kyle WJ Ross


— Elsa Lima

“Awesome!! This is great news!”

— Linda Keith


— Greg Jones

“Thankfully an upgrade to the sound system which is way overdue!”

— Debbie Stinson

“31 million. Can’t swing 1 million for homelessness.”

— Robert Cabral

“Sadly, the beautiful Orpheum continues to rot away in the South End.”

— Ken Bizarro

“Good progress!”

— Helen Gounaris


— Cynthia Robinson

“Raised ticket sale values $$. Pay up.”

— Nelson Almeida

“Oh! So you’re not fixing the stuff in the city that’s truly broken … but you’ll dump money into the Z.”

— Jarred Pittsley

“I love the old ambience of the theater now!”

— Barbara Hobbs-Morse

“Help the homeless. Downtown is a MESS.”

— Dennis Gordon

“It’s a shame they don’t do nothing about (the Orpheum). I guess South End not worth nothing. Everything is the pier and damn train. I use to go (to the Orpheum) all the time. If I had the money I would do something with it. Had lots of great times there.”

— John Pimentel

“I love it as it is.”

— Mimi Medeiros

“The only two things needed are a better sound system and put the men’s room on the first floor.”

— Charlotte Sylvia

“This is exciting and I’m happy for the renovations. Just wondering how you’re going to keep ticket prices affordable?”

— Cheryl Jones Lavoie

“Who cares? Just keep letting only the vax in.”

— Kathy Hardy

“31 million. Those seats must have gold.”

— Emmanuel A Moreta

“It’ll be too expensive to enjoy for NB residents after this.”

— Angie Pinheiro

“Well deserved.”

— Del Pacheco

“I wish this money was going to save the Orpheum Theatre before it crumbles away and there’s nothing left to save.”

— Bob Marshall


— Phyllis Silva

“Can’t wait to see when it’s done.”

— Rebecca Gomes

“What a money pit.”

— Scott Kenney

“That’s a lot of money. Now stop letting your people block the streets to unload, putting your storage containers on the public streets (put them in your darn garage).”

— Steffany Melanson

“With that money you can make shelter for the homeless.”

— Elizabeth Santiago

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