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In our latest “We Asked, You Answered” man-on-the-street style video feature, we asked the big question as South Coast Rail edges closer to reality: “Do you think you’ll ride the train?”

The majority of those surveyed said yes, because of convenience, availability, and travel time opposed to the bus.

It remains to be seen, but some on the South Coast are excited.

Tell us what you think: Will you ride the train to Boston? Send an email to Please include your contact info so we can verify submissions.

“I do think I would give it a chance,” said Madalena Fortes, who said she takes a Lyft to Boston to catch a bus to New Hampshire. “If I was able to take the train, it would just make it so much easier.”

See what your neighbors had to say.

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  1. Great for commuters, and for NewBedford day trippers. Fun for the family to take a train from home . Lots to do and see in Boston other than work.

  2. I too am looking forward to taking the train into Boston, opposed to driving. However, I’m concerned about the impact the accessibility has and will have on monthly rental rates.

  3. Yes, we will be taking the train to Boston. I would like to introduce my two granddaughters on the convenience of taking the train versus driving in or taking the bus. I have waited almost 40 years for this to happen. We are so excited to start our new adventure of riding the commuter rail to Boston from New Bedford rather than drive. Thank you very much for the updates in New Bedford Light! We look forward to our new adventure. Thank you.

  4. I’m looking forward to the train finally getting to be up and running I’ve been taking the datco bus now and with them shutting down that route to Boston there is only one bus to Boston each day from newbedford and one bus back so yes I’ve been waiting for as long as everyone else has been waiting

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