In addition to our longer Community Voices essay series, we welcome short comments related to our news coverage and all aspects of life in New Bedford. Use our online comment form; send your thoughts via email to; or share them on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Here’s the latest roundup of Short Takes, selected from The New Bedford Light Facebook page.

Shocking sewer and water bills on tap for New Bedford

Columnist Jack Spillane wrote about rapidly rising sewer rates due to expensive upgrades mandated by an agreement with the EPA. He noted that the City Council missed two deadlines for loans and forfeited $11 million in state grants.

Robert Bromley: Well, here is a perfect project for all that federal COVID funding received by the city or from the future federal infrastructure funds.

Kristin Raffa Cahill: “None of the councilors opposing the deal — Morad, Carney, Giesta or Gomes — returned The Light’s phone calls for this story.” These 4 councilors cost us $11 million in money available for sewer upgrades and can’t return a call for accountability?

Kristin Raffa Cahill (to) Lisa White: I know Linda Morad does her homework and believe she would have the data to back up her votes, but I would like to see it here as part of this article. The general citizens of NB will shout all day about a $5 hike on their water bill but not pay attention to how we got here. New Bedford Light is giving us an opportunity to see some accountability. The competent councilors should be taking advantage of that.

Ian MacAlistair White (to) Kristin Raffa Cahill: There is still hope! 

If this 550 billion dollar federal spending plan is passed here in a month or so … We have a chance, a window, this next 2 years to build. To recoup this loss plus more!!

But we will need to be proactive, have applications ready, know deadlines, etc. 

New roads, bridges, high speed internet! We can still win!

City councilor on OUI rap: ‘They have nothing on me’

Reporter Will Sennott wrote about New Bedford Ward 3 City Councilor Hugh Dunn talking loudly about his pending OUI case outside the Pour Farm Tavern. Comments include reactions to other recent stories about Dunn and his case.

Richie Gomes Sr.: I’m not sticking up for Dunn but I’d like to know why a reporter is eavesdropping on a private conversation.

Leonard Montenegro: The bigger crime is that NO ONE is opposing him in the primary or general election; that’s shameful.

Christy Wolf: Thank you for keeping this story alive and continuing to publish updates. He could have killed someone, and those cops are just as complicit.

St. Luke’s ICU nurse: ‘They don’t have to die’

Amid rising COVID-19 cases this summer and fall, two nurses working with COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit at St. Luke’s Hospital voiced their frustration at the city’s low vaccination rate. Comments include reaction to other COVID-19 coverage.

Lovo Solitario: These nurses are a GOD send thank God for them.

Jane Vieira: So disheartening and frustrating. 

Stephen Mello: We’re in this together … let’s do it!

Note: Comments in Short Takes may be lightly edited for spelling, punctuation and style.


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