Thank you for your thorough article regarding the threatened potential lawsuit from New Bedford against the MBTA regarding the valuation of land taken by the MBTA for the South Coast Rail project. 

I am a Mattapoisett resident and a serious long-term advocate for this project, which I believe will be an important early step in allowing New Bedford to participate in the excellent overall economy of eastern Massachusetts. 

I think that it is very unfortunate that the decision makers in New Bedford appear to be “missing the forest for the trees” by seeming to grovel for more state money for land that would be essentially without any significant value except for the rail project. New Bedford has embarrassed our local legislators who have worked for years promoting the project and who now appear to be approaching the finish line.

What the city invested in cleaning up a dangerous eyesore and what it is worth now are two entirely different calculations and concepts. A market value appraisal is the appropriate price for an eminent domain taking, not the owner’s cost (a basic and long-standing legal concept)! I assume that is what was used in determining the price already paid to New Bedford. 

I am very disappointed with the mayor for potentially stalling or delaying this $1 billion project and clearly souring critical relationships with state agencies and offices — all for a relatively small amount of money in the big picture. New Bedford looks “penny wise and pound foolish.”

Jim Dildine is a resident of Mattapoisett.

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