Readers had strong reactions to several recent New Bedford Light news articles, features and opinion columns.

Here is a selection:

Reacting to Jack Spillane’s opinion column “UMass Dartmouth leadership has lost all credibility”

“I am a recent graduate of UMass Dartmouth’s MFA program and taught several undergraduate courses. Every semester I had multiple students tell me that they felt they had been duped by a bait and switch scheme because the catalog still shows that they offer jewelry and other defunct programming. But in reality, they don’t offer it because they never hired new professors to replace the ones that retired. So, no, it’s not that the students aren’t interested. They are! But the university did nothing to nourish the program. There also is little to no recruiting occurring for the undergraduate arts department. So many high school students don’t know that UMass Dartmouth has/had a wonderful arts program. Not only have the students been discarded, but so have the faculty. It’s so disheartening to know that the level of talent in the visual arts faculty is truly top notch. The professors all exhibit at top museums and galleries around the world. Yet, the administration remains obtuse in their understanding of what they have done and lost.”

— Elizabeth

Reacting to “Campus feels like it’s dying”

“I’ve worked at UMassD since 2004 and I would totally disagree with the characterization that campus is dying. It definitely has its maintenance and physical plant issues, but there have been hundreds of millions of dollars in capital investments made or encumbered in the last couple years. From small things, like new bushes to medium things, like all new ADA compliant exterior doors, to major things like the renovation of the science and engineering building and the liberal arts building, and the construction of new first-year dorms. The campus has never looked better. Again, there are still major issues, but the trend is positive not negative.”

— Doug Roscoe

Reacting to ArtTALKS column on Pamela Hoss

“Such beautifully controlled works. Thank you, David Walega, for acknowledging and recognizing the vibrant arts community.”

— Christy Gunnels

“I am so glad to see an article on you and your work. Also, that you have had such a fulfilling life doing what you love.”

— Cheryl A Jeffries

Reacting to offshore wind and right whales

“I read your recent piece on the potential impact of offshore wind turbines on North Atlantic right whales’ food sources near the Nantucket Shoals. The report’s inconclusive findings highlight the challenge of disentangling the effects of turbines from broader climate change impacts on the critically endangered species. It’s important to recognize the urgency of addressing the imminent threats posed by a warming ocean. The studies in the article show no definitive effects on zooplankton populations, either positive or negative. Given the likelihood that climate change has more immediate consequences for the right whale, the reduction in carbon pollution from offshore wind farms becomes a compelling reason to make them part of our energy generation portfolio without introducing further delays.

“We can continue offshore wind development while closely monitoring its ecological impact. There will always be uncertainties, but we must acknowledge the urgent need to progress toward clean energy. A balanced approach suggests both caution and ambition are needed as we deploy offshore wind in Massachusetts.”

— Frederick Hewett

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