Will Sennott / Reporter

Will is a staff reporter for The New Bedford Light, covering housing court, education, offshore wind and the fishing industry. He was lead reporter on the team that founded the news organization in June of 2021.

Sennott graduated from UMass Amherst in 2019, where he studied history and creative writing. Before The Light, he worked for The Vineyard Gazette. Sennott’s reporting has been featured on NPR, The Boston Globe and The New York Times.

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Stories by Will Sennott

Blue Harvest bankruptcy leaves millions in unpaid debt to local businesses

It’s all part of the private equity firm playbook. “They buy a company, they strip it, they declare bankruptcy and they walk away.” As for the small businesses with unpaid invoices? “That money is gone.” — Eileen Appelbaum, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

Blue Harvest to shut down, ending reign over New England groundfish 

Most fleets on the New Bedford waterfront have been built up over decades, even generations. But with private equity capital injected into the company, Blue Harvest was able to anchor itself amongst the ranks of the largest companies on the East Coast in just under a decade.

‘Enforcer’ patrols wind farms to protect jobs – but for whom?

“It’s about closing the loopholes that allow foreign nationals to undercut American industry in our own country.” — Aaron Smith, president of Offshore Marine Services Association, a Louisiana-based trade group that charters the Jones Act Enforcer.

‘We hit the biggest guy in the room’

How Kevin Rose halted offshore wind operations in New Bedford, won a new contract, and restored confidence in the local longshoremen’s union


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