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COVID-19 WARNING: While we continue to list New Bedford's array of cultural offerings, readers are advised to heed the latest public health recommendations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends that both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors in public in areas of substantial or high transmission, including Bristol County.



Finding Creative Clarity: Getting Started

Zoom Meeting

Fine artist Catherine Carter will begin the spring session of Peer-to-Peer Sessions. In this first workshop, artists will consider how they can determine their personal and professional goals by identifying […]

Finding Creative Clarity: Getting Organized

Zoom Meeting

In her second workshop, artist and art educator Catherine Carter will address how our possessions and surroundings reflect our inner selves, affecting our energy and progress. In this session, the […]

Finding Creative Clarity: Moving Forward

Zoom Meeting

For her last session, artist and art educator Catherine Carter will cover ways to design a specific action plan so that intentional steps can be taken toward artistic destiny. Peer-to-Peer […]

Financing For Artrepreneurs: How to Make, Save and Invest $$

Zoom Meeting

Filmmaker and content creator Ethan De Aguiar will host three peer-to-peer sessions, offering insight into financing for artists, video fundamentals, and creative marketing. In this session, Financing For Artrepreneurs: How […]

Video Fundamentals for Everyone With Ethan de Aguiar

Zoom Meeting

This second session, hosted by Ethan De Aguiar, is about the fundamentals of creating videos by highlighting some dos & don'ts and giving people the tools/knowledge they need to create […]